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Evan Mansfield

Producer, DJ & Drummer

Evan Mansfield is a Manchester based music producer & musician. Having started drumming at the age of 6 and picking up producing at 11, Evan’s since gained a wealth of knowledge and experience - working with both acoustic and electronic artists in a magnitude of live and studio environments. Despite still being relatively young in the scene, he’s worked with many upcoming artists and professional clients to produce, mix and master their projects. Evan’s past work ranges from producing pop singles to mixing & mastering heavy rock bands and also working with professional companies to create tailor-made soundtracks for commercials. 


Outside of music production and sound engineering, Evan’s played at various O2 music venues across the UK, supported large electronic artists at some of Manchester’s most prestigious music venues and has hosted multiple sell-out events under his events promotion company, 502. Having recently graduated with a First Class Honours in Electronic Music production, Evan’s now using his time to hone in on his knowledge and build a wider client base.

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Jake Walker

Producer, Guitarist & Pianist

As a musician, Jake has always been inspired by the transformative power of music. From a young age, he has been drawn to the ability of music to bring people together, create connections, and evoke deep emotions. It is this passion that has driven him to pursue a career in music.

Through his hard work and commitment to his craft, Jake has achieved significant success on multiple editorial playlists on Spotify, with over 1,000,000+ followers. His debut release with Millie England ‘5am’ has also garnered over 130,000 streams.

He has invested in his education by earning a 1st Class Honours degree in Professional Musicianship where he specialised in guitar, honing his skills and techniques to become a highly skilled and accomplished musician. Jake also plays piano and enjoys exploring the theory behind what elements help make songs catchy and interesting.

His musical talents are great for helping artists write and explore sonic options. When consolidated with the expertise of Evan's clean production, we’re confident we will create the highest quality of music.

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